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Playing for time   (Gunnarsson, Karlsson)
Expressway   (Karlsson, Briem)
Magic   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
Take a breath   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
Prime time   (Gunnarsson, Karlsson, Asmundsson, Briem, Graf)
Hitchhiker   (Fridrik Karlsson)
High season   (Fridrik Karlsson)
Quick step   (Fridrik Karlsson)
In a word   (Eythor Gunnarsson)


Fridrik Karlsson – Guitars
Eythor Gunnarsson – Keyboards
Johann Asmundsson – Bass Guitars
Gulli Briem – Drums, Percussion

Ernie Watts – Saxophones
Steve Tavaglione – Saxophone
Efrain Toro – Percussion
Roby Duke – Vocal
Rolf Graf – Synthesizer Programming
Eric Persing – Keyboards and Synthesizer Programming
Jon Kjell Seljeseth – Synthesizer programming

Larry Williams – Saxophone
Jerry Hey – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Gary Grant – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Bill Reichenbach – Trombone


MF Studio 7 in Reykjavík 1987-88
Additional recordings at Red Zone and The Mad Hatter Recording Studios, Los Angeles
Produced by Mezzoforte(1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9) and Rolf Graf/Svein Dag Hauge(1,2), Eric Persing(4,6,8), Eythor Gunnarsson(9), Eric Persing and Eythor Gunnarsson(3)
Mixed by Eric Zobler at Mama Joe´s Recording Studios L.A.

Horns arranged by Larry Williams (3, 5) and Jerry Hey (6)

© 2020 Mezzoforte

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