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Midnight sun   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
Spring fever   (Fridrik Karlsson)
Summer dream   (Fridrik Karlsson)
The Venue   (Fridrik Karlsson)
Rockall   (Fridrik Karlsson)
Double orange juice   (Fridrik Karlsson)
We’re only here for the beer   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
Observations   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
Distance   (Kristinn Svavarsson)
Metal Fusion *   (Fridrik Karlsson)

*The original Icelandic version did not contain Spring Fever. In stead it contained a song called Metal Fusion. When the album was remastered in 1997 Metal Fusion was added as a bonus track.


Fridrik Karlsson – Guitars
Eythor Gunnarsson – Keyboards
Johann Asmundsson – Bass Guitars
Gulli Briem – Drums – Percussion
Kristinn Svavarsson – Saxophones – Flute

Luis Jardim – Percussion
Shady Owens – Voice
Chris Cameron – Voice

Horn section:
Steve Sidwell – Trumpet
Chris White – Saxophone
Martin Dobson – Saxophone
Stuart Brooks – Trumpet


Maison Rouge and Power Plant, London August-September 1983
Produced by Geoff Calver
Horns and vocals arranged by Chris Cameron

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