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NO LIMITS (1986)

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Icebreaker   (Fridrik Karlsson)
No limit* (Karlsson, Gunnarsson, Briem, Hargreaves)
Joyride   (Fridrik Karlsson)
Evolution   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
Nothing lasts forever*   (Eythor Gunnarsson, Nigel Wright)
E.G. blues   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
Another day*   (Karlsson, Gunnarsson, Hargreaves)
Crystal rain   (Fridrik Karlsson)


Fridrik Karlsson – Guitars
Eythor Gunnarsson – Keyboards
Johann Asmundsson – Bass Guitars
Gulli Briem – Drums, Percussion

Noel McCalla – Lead Vocals
David O´Higgins – Tenor- and soprano saxophones
Simon Morton – Percussion
Frank Ricotti – Percussion
Jeroen De Rijk – Percussion
Tracy Ackerman – Backing Vocals
Mel Wesson – Synthesizer Programming
Phil Todd – Alto Sax on Another Day
Nigel Wright – Kurzweil Strings on Chrystal Rain
Nick North – Kurzweil Strings Arrangement on Chrystal Rain

Horn Arrangements on E.G. Blues and No Limit by Chris Cameron
Stuart Brooks – Trumpet
Bill Eldridge – Trumpet
Phil Todd – Saxes
Martin Dobson – Saxes
Neil Sidwell – Trombone


P.R.T. and Scratch Studios London, 1985
Produced by Mezzoforte and Nigel Wright
*produced by Nigel Wright
Mixed by Robin Sellars at Scratch Studios

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