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1. Drive   (Karlsson, Gunnarsson, Asmundsson, Briem)
2. Expressway   (Karlsson, Briem)
3. Action man   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
4. Hard wired   (Johann Asmundsson)
5. Icebreaker   (Fridrik Karlsson)
6. Nightfall   (Gunnarsson, Karlsson)
7. Prime time   (Gunnarsson, Karlsson, Asmundsson, Briem, Graf)
8. High season   (Fridrik Karlsson)
9. Evolution   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
10. Beyond the horizon   (Fridrik Karlsson)
11. Later on   (Gunnarsson, Karlsson)
12. Cobra   (Briem, Gunnarsson)
13. EG blues   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
14. Joyride   (Fridrik Karlsson)
15. Early autumn   (Fridrik Karlsson)
16. Happy hour   (Fridrik Karlsson)
17. Four corners   (Gunnarsson, Karlsson, Asmundsson, Briem, Haffner)
18. Surprise surprise   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
19. Garden party   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
20. Medley:
-Midnight sun   (Eythor Gunnarsson)
-Spring fever   (Fridrik Karlsson)
-Rockall   (Fridrik Karlsson)


Eythor Gunnarsson – Keyboards
Fridrik Karlsson – Guitar
Johann Asmundsson – Bass
Gulli Briem – Drums
Oskar Gudjonsson – Sax
Bruno Mueller – Guitar
Sebastian Studnitsky – Keys & Trumpet
Thomas Dyani – Percussion
Thorbjorn Sunde – Trombone
Jens Petter Antonsen – Trumpet

Mixed by Johann Asmundsson
5.1 Mix assisted by Birgir Tryggvason
Bonus material includes footage from rehearsals, old videos and photos covering the band’s 30 year history.
Recorded and filmed in Borgarleikhus, March 26 & 27, 2007 – Iceland

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