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Sebastian Studnitzky is one of Germany’s most engaged Jazz musicians. His sound and the phrasing on the trumpet and the piano are so warm and balanced, his emotionally straightforward play being centred in such a specific way while also doing without any fishing for effects. This makes him an internationally demanded sideman for Nils Landgren, Rebekka Bakken, Mezzoforte or Wolfgang Haffner.

After all the countless tours and festival appearances worldwide, the multi-instrumentalist has now taken the time to formulate his own music. He managed to create a wonderfully intense album which is simply called “TRIO” and which brings his special abilities to a head. The Jazz critics and feuilletons receive him enthusiastically. “ A really great musician, who audibly doesn’t need to prove anything”.

The lustful creative search for organic tone colours and samples has stamped his play. For him it’s more a matter of reduction or the creation of meaningful distillates than squeezing as many notes as possible into one solo.

Sebastian Studnitzky: “I really go for the more simple. I really prefer letting the music and the musicians speak while passing on the strikingly spectacular.”

His open and comprehensible trio concept is building a bridge to the audience without difficulty.

“The clear melody lines and easy or easy sounding song structures will be persistent in the auditory canals, the sounds of the airy trumpet or the tasteful piano voicings will linger for a long time”.

Here the best of Jazz and Pop will be combined – risky organic solos and current airy grooves, beneficial creativity and hooking abstractions.

And all of that in a very charming and amazingly honest way.