Gulli Briem - Drums Gulli's Homepage

Banging on kitchen equipment at the age of 5. Playing real drums at 12. A professional musician since the age of sixteen. Studied classical percussion, jazz ensemble playing and theory for 3 years in Reykjavik and later in The Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. Founder member of the group Mezzoforte.

Festivals: The Montreux jazz festival, The St. Gallen festival, The North Sea Jazz festival, The Jakarta jazz festival, The 46664 Nelson Mandela awareness concert for Africa 2005 in Tromso and more...

Artists, live and studio: Earth Affair, Mezzoforte, Philip Catharine, The Miami Sound Machine (in Evita the Movie), Gus Gus and Björk (in the early days), David O´Higgins, Madonna (in Evita The Movie) Mornington Lockett, Joe Hubbard, Tony Smith, Ike Leo, Michael Ball, Jonn Savannah, Hilaire Penda, Fiona Renshaw, The Dreem Team, British National Symphony Orchestra, Fridrik Karlsson. Gunnar Thordarson, Mannakorn, Magnus Kjartansson, Bubbi Morthens, GCD, Bjorgvin Halldorsson.

Musicals: Evita The movie recording 3 tracks, Jesus Christ Superstar (UK), Blood brothers (ICE), Whistle down the wind (UK), Carmen Negra (ICE).

TV shows: T.O.T.P. Madonna “All By Myself”. T.O.T.P. with Mezzoforte “Garden Party”

Drum video/Clinics: Gulli Briem/I naermynd, 1995 released in Iceland only.

Clinics: Iceland, Norway, Indonesia, Latvia, The Farao Islands.

Other drum-related stuff: Has written a piece for 5 drumsets and 2 classical percussionists performed outdoor on the Reykjavik cultural night august 1999. Wrote a piece for the Reykjavik Jungle Orchestra in 2002 for 3 percussionists and a laptop, performed in the Landsbanki Islands headbuilding. Has also written the music for 2 modern dance pieces by Helena Jonssdottir one of the most respected dancers in Iceland. Iceland tours with the Reykjavik Jazz quartet performing for school kids for educational purposes. Recording and performing with the The Reykjavik Jungle Orchestra. Hairstyle varies from season to season. Now short - dark blonde or mousy-brown